Welcome!  Exactly seven weeks ago to the day, my lovely wife Katie gave birth to our first child Theo.  And like many beforehand, our lives have been changed forever.  I’m Tim, a 34-year-old tennis coach educator (yep, it’s a job) living in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.    Other than my job and dad duties, i’m a surfing and rock n roll music tragic.  I’d like to be far better at both but have eventually come to peace with the fact that neither will put enough food on the table for us three.I wanted a platform to document our journey as parents for a couple of reasons:

1. For nostalgia reasons.  Most of my life I wish I had documented my adventures in writing better than I have.  I’ve lived on three continents, had a few different careers, met many weird and wonderful people and sadly don’t have enough records to show for it.  Ideally, I’d like to capture thoughts and stories which one day will provide gutwrenching embarrassment for my baby boy to read.  (Isn’t that what fatherhood is all about?).

2. I like writing.  And taking photos.  So starting a blog makes sense.  Like many others who have thought about starting a blog there is an element of fear that comes with it.  Will anyone read it?  Does anyone care?  Will I do a good job? Well, my reasoning is that even if the answers to all those questions end up being no, I’m now at a place where those questions are not enough to stop me from trying.  To put in sporting terms, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Comments, banter and interaction are all welcomed.

TH 11/06/2017