The Beatles v The Wiggles

How long before Peppa Pig and The Wiggles take over?


I’m dreading it.


We went away for a weekend recently and just as an experiment I thought I’d do the noble father thing of putting on some kid’s music for Theo in the back seat. … Read more

Get your (Seal) Rocks off.

Seal rocks fishing boat

By no stretch of the imagination am I the first person to love the natural beauty of Seal Rocks, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the last.

A four hour drive north of the traffic gridlock of Sydney is one of my favourite spots on the beautiful NSW coastline. … Read more

How to make an Australian.

Well, I assume anyone reading this would know the FIRST step, but here’s a re-cap of how we – an English woman with Irish heritage and a Cornish man produced a little Ozzie.

Step 1.  Get PermanentResidency. Yep – you and your partner.  … Read more

First time taking a baby to a pub

I mean what kind of parents think that taking a baby into a heaving pub is acceptable behaviour?

I’m not sure – and we’ve just done it.

I’ve always wondered about parents of new-borns taking their kids to pubs.  Is it a middle finger to all the people who have warned you that by having a child your social life is over? … Read more

So, what in the World is this all about?

Welcome!  Exactly seven weeks ago to the day, my lovely wife Katie gave birth to our first child Theo.  And like many beforehand, our lives have been changed forever.  I’m Tim, a 34-year-old tennis coach educator (yep, it’s a job) living in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.    … Read more