Surf trip with Mum n Bub

It’s my new favourite out-of-town place.  Stanwell Park.

Just an hours drive south of Sydney and just as the Wollongong sprawl starts, there’s a beach that I’ve visited a few times in the past four years, but for some reason it is now cementing itself as one of my favourite weekend destinations.… Read more

When Dads join the Mums n Bubs group

I guess it is a rite of passage for every new father.   Katie goes to a Mums n Bubs group every week and we end up discussing it over dinner. We talk about what the other babies look like in comparison (it turns out our Theo seems to be a bit of a giant), we talk about how the other mums are getting on and importantly, if Katie is enjoying it. … Read more

Towel Down

“I’m going to the gym.  Will you be OK with him?” If the question wasn’t justified I could even be insulted.  Will I be OK looking after my 11 week old son?  Given I spend my weekdays at work, being left alone with Theo is quite a rarity. … Read more