Not Travelling With Children

I tell people that I’m home alone while my wife and baby are overseas and they raise an eyebrow.  “Having a good time are we?” They ask, with a glint in their eye.

They’re thinking about nightclubs, boozy sessions down the pub with mates, wild weekends away and general debauchery. … Read more

Surf trip with bub. Yes!

It’s my new favourite out-of-town place.  Stanwell Park.

Just an hours drive south of Sydney and just as the Wollongong sprawl starts, there’s a beach that I’ve visited a few times in the past four years, but for some reason it is now cementing itself as one of my favourite weekend destinations.… Read more

Get your (Seal) Rocks off.

Seal rocks fishing boat

By no stretch of the imagination am I the first person to love the natural beauty of Seal Rocks, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the last.

A four hour drive north of the traffic gridlock of Sydney is one of my favourite spots on the beautiful NSW coastline. … Read more