How to make an Australian.

Well, I assume anyone reading this would know the FIRST step, but here’s a re-cap of how we – an English woman with Irish heritage and a Cornish man produced a little Ozzie.

Step 1.  Get PermanentResidency. Yep – you and your partner.  *Rules Apply **Massive Fees apply ***Subject to change depending on who is Government

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Step 2. Have baby.  I’d say in a hospital, but wherever you feel most comfortable.

Step 3.  After weeks of non-stop showing off said baby, it’s time to get serious – go to your local Government Service Centre and apply for a birth certificate.  I was disgusted/confused that you can actually get them emblazoned with your favourite rugby team logo on.  What happened to a piece of paper with a scribble on by a nurse?

Service NSW

Step 4.  The fun part.  Get some passport photos taken.  Expect this to take half a day and around 45 takes.

Step 5.  Proof of citizenship.  Yep.  Just a chance to contribute some more money to the economy. This is fairly thorough.  Expect to spend extra time at work scanning your life documents and uploading them to here

Step 6. Wait for a few weeks.  when child finally displays some patriotic tendencies, your certificate will arrive in around three hours.  (True Story)

8.  Frame and hang photo on wall and repeat all of the above to anyone and everyone that comes round for dinner (for at least six months).


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