Redefining happiness

Where do I begin?  Perhaps an apology.  I, like a million other people, started a blog and after a few months the posts dried up.  Why?  Well, I guess parenting got in the way a little and so did work, but in saying this I already feel like a child making up excuses for why they haven’t handed in their homework.  The bottom line is – I just haven’t kept up with the writing.

When Theo was born everything was brand new, everyday felt like a new adventure and I couldn’t wait to write about the more humorous sides of parenting. But after a few months you know what happened? Routine kicked in.  Groundhog Day took over our existence.

I felt a little sheepish that I didn’t have anything funny to say about all that has happened since he was born.  There’s only so many times you can write about Theo waking up in the night, me not hearing him, Katie breastfeeding him and then being slightly resentful of the fact that I don’t have any milk producing boobs.

A lot has happened though – and now with Theo pushing ten months – there have been some genuinely wonderful moments.  He’s started to crawl and stand up (he still needs Zimmer frame-like support) and he’s started to make all sorts of noises.  The noises are actually non stop these days. So too is his desire to look, feel, touch and experience EVERYthing.

He’s moved on from just drinking milk to eating solids and that deserves a blog post in itself as, unlike in the movies, the ‘aeroplane’ maneuver of feeding your child seems to be the biggest amount of BS going.  He either eats with glee, throws it on the floor or rubs it all in his hair.  And I can’t for the life of me predict which way meal time will go.

We’ve done a bit of travelling as a family – which I will write about another time, but in reality it’s me that’s been travelling the most with work, leaving Katie and Theo alone to fend for themselves.  There’s not too much that’s funny to say about that.  You feel guilty and your wife feels tired.  Repeat until business trip is over.

But, in general, we’re doing well.  Theo’s in good health and despite a knack for punching himself in the head (kinda funny for a while but then you realize he’s going to hurt himself) we couldn’t be happier with the personality he’s blossoming into.  Are we happy? Yes – but Jeeeeezus it’s a different kind of happiness.  Imagine all the things in your twenties that make you happy for a while.  Now eradicate about 80% of those things from your life and replace them with the following:

  1. Baby sleeps through the night
  2. Baby does first poo after four days
  3. Baby successfully crawls into kitchen and doesn’t manage to trap fingers in a door
  4. After a day of being grumpy and whinging all day, baby laughs and smiles when you bang your own head.
  5. Grandparents visit and spend quality time with baby.
  6. Friends show interest in baby
  7. Baby learns to clap
  8. Baby gets a bout of hysterical laughter

These all bring genuine happiness!! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had one or two nights out, been to a gig and had the odd evening when we’ve drank too much, but it’s not the same as it used to be.  And that’s fine.  Happiness for us has been well and truly redefined in the past ten months and I’m pretty sure it will only keep evolving.  Hopefully I can bring myself to document these moments.  Thanks for reading and hope everyone is doing well x

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